Blackjack Secret Code Reviews:

The following are some unsolicited comments from my clients.

Hello Dave, I hit up the Barona Casino last night and walked out with $300 and that was my first time ever playing. After studying your videos and practicing at home I am now confident to go out and play. I used to be all about card counting and basic strategy but my concentration could not bear it so I gave up but until I found the "Secret Code." (Could you post that on the site?) ;) There are some things I need to work on. One, having the discipline to walk away from a dealer that's heating up. I couldn't believe how some people just keep giving their money back to the dealer after they were up. This one guy had stacks in front of him and later that night we were on the same table and he was cleaned out only to go hit the ATM and come back. I promised myself to never be like that guy. The casino was so crowded and it took me almost forty five minutes to get on a table. So I was a bit stubborn abandoning my seat. I only toured two tables. Two, I need to take a little bit more risk with money hands. I would pull back after the fourth winning or so and go back down to two chips only to get a Blackjack and or double down opportunity to capitalized on. It felt so good defying basic strategy and outlasting players at the table. There is this "buddy bet" I call it, I don't know what its really called, you can bet on a player to win either at the table or just spectating. This guy kept betting on me as I was winning lol. That's all I have to report. I am still going to practice at home. I have to hone my skills to get prepared for Vegas. P.S. What is your opinion on automatic shoe shufflers? Eric , San Diego USA 11-2-14

I can almost gaurantee nobody else will even look or play blackjack like u explained it is ludacris that everyone even card counters are playing in the houses natural advantage, you must be rain man LOL. John, USA 10-11-14

Thanks, I received it and have successfully downloaded and watched all the videos. They were absolutely brilliant!!! I love them all and each was very clearly presented too. I had no problems keeping up. There's no way I'm in doubt about what I need to do. I might just head down to Pietermaritzburg this weekend because I really want to get started. I have undergone a major pradigm shift, imagine, I can beat the game of blackjack! I'm glad you mentioned what to do with your emotions exactly! I can do that too, with practise. I am still very much in awe and I'll be going over this in my head all night. A twenty year record can't be argued against though. Thankfully. Once again thank you for giving me a maths lesson I will never forget and for your offer of help, much appreciated. Bonakele, South Africa 2-28-14.

Hi David, Just wanted to drop a quick note for a couple reasons. First, I've gone through the Blackjack Course and think it's incredible. You really get a feel for how awesome it is when you do simulated play and keep a record of your results. Amazing. You really did it! I was carjacked and shot in the parking garage of the Hardrock hotel 10 years ago, if you can believe it, and have a spinal injury). Thank you so much for your help, and the great work you're doing!! Chris 12-6-13 Las Vegas USA

Hi David, Sean here, the bloke from Singapore who bought your Blackjack videos just a few months ago and who's still keen on purchasing your oil videos really soon. I must say David, I was genuinely blown away by the code in your Blackjack video and how easy it was that you narrowed down the mathematical advantage to a ratio of 2:1 in the player's favor whilst revealing the fraud that is basic strategy. Great work on that mate! I sincerely thank you for the knowledge you have bestowed upon all of us with that God given talent for mathematics that He's blessed you with... However, I have a few questions regarding my future purchase of your oil videos. Because I am about to purchase the oil videos, say by the year's end at earliest due to a tight budget, I would like to know why the price for the video is now at 1,500 USD. I know you gave a mention on your website that you were going to increase the price for both videos, but it could be a little too over my budget. Is 1,500 for both code 1 and code 2? It would come to be about 1,800 SGD here in Singapore. I know it is justifiable because of the fact that what you are revealing is groundbreaking in that you could get yourself into a lot of trouble with the "Masons" but really it is the J E S U I Ts you mean, and their cronies who run this world to a very large extent, and that the demand for your knowledge is ever increasing with regards to your videos as more and more people have the truth prophetically revealed to them in these last days... Do you think you could give me reasons as to the 500 USD increase in the price of the videos besides the ones that you mentioned a few months prior on your site? And what other content will come with the newly priced video as well? I have yet to hit the casinos with your Blackjack code as I am a student and still have to scrimp my way up bit by bit even for your oil videos, but I sincerely thank you for your kind responses even back then :) I hope I am being too much of a fruitcake in asking you this but I am really tight financially. Your kind reply however, would greatly be appreciated. Also, my old man is running through the household accounts and I am answerable to him (doesn't help when your family is in debt in this part of Asia when a modest 5-room home can set you back 500,000 SGD for just a 99 year lease and you don't even get to own your home!) I do truly hope you understand where I am coming from. God bless David. Regards, Sean 6-12-13 Singapore.

6-06-13: I will keep that in mind, thank you for the fast responses. I watched a couple of the videos last night and it makes sense, I plan to go out and start to put the system to work this weekend. Chris, USA

6-27-12: Hey David, these are great videos by the way, I was in pain thinking how obvious and simple the system really is. You Just need creative thought and anyone could come up with this! Anyway, what are your thoughts on machines that shuffle after every round? I havn't really stepped out into the open to do this yet, but I just want to hear your opinion. Vinny, Australia

3-20-12: True story....I play the 6 deck tables in Iowa. They cut the shoes deep, down to the last 3/4 deck, so there is a lot of opportunity to catch a good trend....about 20 hands a shoe on a 3 to 5 player table. First day on the job using what I call the "basic logic" method you teach, I went up and down on a $10 table for 1.5 shoes with a 12 unit buy in and opted to color up break even after the dealer pulled a few 20s and a blackjack. I watched the table for a few more hands and it only got worse.....5 card 20, a 19 and another blackjack for good measure. I strolled over to a $5 table where old guys were splitting pairs against face up cards and I thought to myself, sweet, no one will say a word about me ****** on *** and *** against a ***. Long story short, I restrained from a couple "obvious" double down opportunities and kept steady....with no more than 2 of my own units ever in play, I popped and pulled 25 units in less than a shoe. I feel like I just injested the red pill and woke up in the real world, leaving the matrix behind. Thanks, Nayeem USA

02-05-12: Hi, I bought your videos a few days ago, played my first session last night. Despite making a few errors, I made 20 units($200 at $10). I have a few questions though.1) Do you keep increasing your bet while on a win streak, even if: A)The shoe ends? B)New dealer comes in and burns a card? C)People jump in or jump out? 2) What are your thoughts on asking a new player to wait a hand when your bet gets high while on a hot streak(because last night, more than once when I was on a hot streak a player jumped in and I lost the subsequent hand)? What are your thoughts about when someone on the table asks you to wait(because you're jumping in after the dealer just busted a few times)? 3) How much would you recommend increasing your bet after a winning double down, after you're already past the money hand? Maybe increase 2 units instead of 1? Or increase by half the amount of the double? Thanks, Karl USA

9-9-2011: I've watched the videos a few times each now, I've enjoyed them immensely, I've never played a live hand, and I'm glad this does not involve the basic strategy card or counting. I have some fairly close casinos in Atlantic City and Pennsylvania. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks, Phil, USA.

9-4-2011: Hey :), I LOVE your video's and I will be going to a casino in 2 weeks to start my career :) Devin, Canada