Blackjack Secret Code Videos:

What if there were truly a secret that nobody knew about with respect to the game of blackjack? And what if the very thing everybody thought were true about blackjack, was actually the exact opposite of the truth? Most likely it would either be Twilight Zone time or Funny Farm time, right?

But what if truth really was stranger than fiction, and that there truly is a secret about the game of blackjack that nobody knows about because the industry themselves became the teachers and promoters and taught methods of playing such as "basic strategy" that play directly into the dealers natural advantage, all the while under the guise that this method is the "best mathematical" way to play.

Well I'm here to tell you that in this case, truth is stranger than fiction, because this is all very real, not in theory or even in simulation play, but countless hours played for many years. But you won't need to see or even believe countless hours of play, because these videos show you the romper room mathematics behind blackjack, and show you how it all works, and how you mathematically turn the advantage to your own, with a solid control factor, which you use to make virtually as much money as you want to make.

But I don't just show you the math, I also teach you my rules which are very basic, and I teach you two methods of play. One method is very good if you are coming to Las Vegas just for a short period of time, like on vacation. The 2nd method is good if you live here and are doing this for a living. Both methods are very good, if you're on vacation this method teaches how to stay on the same table for hours winning over time. While the 2nd method teaches how to walk into a casino and walk out a winner in the shortest time possible, making it both easy and non-detectable.

Rest assured you are buying from a true professional, not a phony guru.

If you are motivated, and you love the idea of being able to come to Las Vegas, make serious money for yourself, enjoy what Vegas has to offer, and think you have the mindset to do something like this, then by all means go for it and get my videos and change your life, I did when I was 21 and have never looked back from there.

I even teach you how to control your emotions when playing by telling you how I was able to control mine.

And if you would just like to learn this so that you can play blackjack from time to time while on vacation, by all means, my system will show you exactly how to play and go home a big winner. My first trip to Vegas I won $2800 playing twice. My second trip I won $1,700 playing once.

There is no reason whatsoever that you cannot come to Las Vegas and do the same thing or even better.

These videos are not a copy of any other system, nor are they are mix of them, this is a system unlike anything you've seen before, and it has nothing to do with "card counting" nor does it have anything to do with "basic strategy". This is my own system based upon the true mathematics of the game of blackjack, which I discovered in 1988 when I was 21 on my first trip to Las Vegas.

For many years I kept this secret to myself because frankly nobody believes you when you tell them about it, so after awhile you just stop telling people, you yourself will have the same problem, people simply don't believe it's possible, and if you let it that belief will creep into your own mind to make you doubt.

However, that's the BEAUTIFUL thing about my system, because I show you the "mathematics" behind it, to the point where you yourself will see and understand exactly why you have a superior mathematical advantage, in a way you never thought of before. And then I show you how to enhance that advantage by focusing in on it, and applying it on a real table.

If you have ever been looking for a true system that truly works with respect to blackjack, then you have just found what you're looking for.