About Me:

When I was 21 years old I flew into Las Vegas from San Diego and went to the Plaza hotel and a friend gave me $100 to start playing and enjoying myself. I had no idea what to play and I'm not the kind of person who would like to "gamble". He was playing Craps and I didn't know how the game worked so I went over to the blackjack tables figuring that I could comprehend this game well enough to play it for awhile.

I started off using $5 units and about 3-4 hours later I had accumulated $1,100 worth of chips. I had already almost figured out the blackjack code at that time.

The next day I went over to Caesars Palace and started with $300 using $25 units, about 2 hours later I had $2,000 sitting on the table in chips having won $1,700, and for the most part I had figured out what the code was to the game of blackjack on my first trip to Las Vegas and my first time ever playing the game.

I set myself free in this life many years ago, and Las Vegas is better than ever for doing that right now, so if you want to walk the road far less traveled and dance on the head of a pin my videos are here to teach you how to do exactly that.

Happy Playing,


Blackjack Secret Code